Joe Gannon’s Night of the Jaguar

Host: Joel Saxe 7.17.2015

We replay an interview with Joe Gannon done in August 2014 on the publication of his first novel, Night of the Jaguar.  He is joined in this interview by his daughter Val, herself a budding cultural critic.

In the past year, the book won several awards, including the American Library Association’s magazine best mystery debut of 2014.  It recently won 2nd place at the International Latino Book Awards in the mystery category, an honor embellished by the fact that 1st place went to the renowned Isabelle Allende.

Published by Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martins Press, Night of the Jaguar is a detective mystery set in 1980s Nicaragua not long after the Sandinista revolution.  As it follows the travails of Ajax Montoya, a former heroic military commander turned homicide investigator, it presents the wider moral and political landscape of a country ravaged by Reagan’s Cold War campaign to crush Central American populist uprisings.

Joe Gannon is a world-class journalist, long-term public school language arts teacher with teaching stints around the globe, and spoken-word artist, as well as being an occasional Bread & Roses co-host.  Joe has just finished the second novel in the Ajax Montoya series, The Last Dawn to be published Fall, 2015.


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